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    Premières infos, y’aura des … montures, ce sera un monde ouvert, ya le druide, le barb’ et la soso pour le moment.


    On Paragon levels - They have a philosophy of wanting you to be able to log in for 15, 30, or 60 minutes (or however long) and get something accomplished, but as far as specific implementation of paragon levels, it's undecided.
    On end game - They want there to be a variety of activities. World bosses are one example. Key dungeons are another. Key dungeons are inspired by greater rifts and will be another end game activity. Different system than greater rifts. Key dungeons don't scale infinitely, but scale to an extent that there is no concern about reaching the max. There are hundreds of dungeons in the world. At max level, you get keys, and those keys will be for a specific dungeon. The key when used transforms the dungeon into a max level dungeon and has a rank on it, and that rank increases the difficulty of the dungeon. The key has affixes on it, the affixes add mechanics to the dungeon, boss fights, etc.
    One of the affixes is a lightning pulse obelisk, it follows you through dungeon. You can’t kill it and it releases lightning, so you have to keep moving. It’s an object that chases you through the dungeon and adds challenge to the experience. Affixes change the way a dungeon plays.
    Legendary items further allow you to modify skills to customize play style. Allow you to further your skills/talents more than you would through the trees/skills alone. Hundreds of legendary items being designed. More about modding existing talents and skills than adding flat damage.
    There are gear sets. Sets gives the ability to live out a fantasy. Legendaries are as or more powerful than sets. Sets are a stepping stone to more powerful legendaries.
    They are looking at bringing transmog into the game.
    They want leaderboards to become more micro than macro, focus on meaningful things in the game on a smaller scale, ie for specific activities or challenges. Long way to go on development. More in the direction of season conquests in D3.
    No auction house. Haven't settled on a specific trading system yet. They want you to mainly get items from killing monsters as opposed to sitting in town trading with players. Exploring possible systems for trading, and they are learning towards 3 categories of items – 1) consumables, mats, random armor, etc that can be freely traded 2) items that can be traded once and then become soulbound. 3) And then some items that are bound on pickup. Those are the 3 categories for items currently when it comes to trading, but they are taking feedback on this.
    Crafting – Definitely going to be taking crafting forward into Diablo IV and they want to expand on it from Diablo III. End game will be about item modification. Crafting will incorporate the world – going out and getting things – slaying monsters, finding something rare in the world, etc. Won’t be anything as in depth as PoE however.
    Seasons – They want to modify the most powerful items from season to season so the metagame shifts, along with adding in new items.
    Content release will most likely occur through expansions.
    On talent trees – taking feedback on this. Talent trees in the demo are as they currently stand in the game. Quinn noted they look simple and shallow. They want legendary items to add a lot of that depth to the talents. All of it is still being developed.
    On monetitization – D4 will be available as a base game. There will be expansions. Cosmetics will be available in some form as microtransactions.
    Player housing or hideouts – nothing to announce.
    UI addons – nothing to announce.
    You can modify keybinds.
    Launching on PC, PS4, Xbox One. No hints as to when it will be released.

    Additional details from a separate dev interview

    Hardcore mode will be there.
    5 classes confirmed for launch, and more will be introduced through expansions. Cosmetics, stash, etc, can come in the form of microtransactions.
    Want to make crafting a bigger thing in D4. Still a work in progress. Two goals for crafting - 1) Want to make sure gathering is fully integrated into the open world. 2) If you go and collect recipes and materials and spend time to craft something that it is worth your while.
    Max level is currently 40. Could change.
    On difficulty settings, for the leveling experience, they aren't sure what the answer is yet. For end game, key dungeons will act similar to rifts with scaling. In the open world and end game they want challenges there too for replayability.
    There is no shoulder slot in the game. It's a visual change, and if they need more item slots for mechanical reasons, they can do that separately.
    Trying out different types of legendaries that enable support builds, but make it so that you are doing something against monsters as well.
    They don't want you running around into too many people at once unless it's for a world event on the map or something similar.
    Goal for seasons is to change up items as much as possible. Want new challenges in dungeons, new monster affixes, and want the season to feel like a new experience with new things to explore.
    No diminishing returns on CCs. Certain skills make you unstoppable so you can break out of that CC. Can customize character to be more resistant against CCs.
    Not much thought has been directed towards mercenaries or followers.
    Achievements are planned.
    Charms are NOT currently in the works.
    Talent trees will be expanded upon in expansions, but to what degree, they don't know yet.
    Trying to be more "strict" with gold for players. Can spend gold to gamble like with Kadala.
    Durability is not in the current build, but they're still trying it out and testing it. Want systems that force you to return to town every now and then. They're talking about maybe having gear provide certain bonuses above certain durability levels.


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