E3 2017 rapidos

  • @Georges-AbitboL
    Par contre les 10 minutes de démonstration dans des décors moches et gris font beaucoup moins envie.

    I keep going back and forth between being really excited and really nervous about this game, and I think I’m more nervous than I was in January.
    The creativity on display is outstanding, as is the variety. And I certainly welcome the return of exploration driven Mario.
    But the platforming, the actual substance of the game no matter what Mario you’re making looks very weak. It’s nonexistent in fact, throughout large sections of the courses. And even when it does show up it doesn’t look that impressive. Very slow and very basic.
    The action parts of the game look very strong. Fighting enemies and bosses, especially by taking control of different objects and enemies looks really good. But in terms of having things that move, sink, flip, and rotate, that stuff is there in at least some measure, but there’s not a lot of it that’s interesting.
    I expected to see Mario leaping and bounding thru pitfalls and obstacles but much of the time he’s just breaking or collecting or possessing things with his hat on flat ground. I’m sure there will be tons of ways to play but so far it’s not exactly what I was looking for from an SM64 successor.

  • Briseur de rêves :sad:

  • J’aurions dit payday perso.


  • Putain ça à quand même l’air cool, j’aurais presque envie d’une switch. C’est la première que je suis (moyennement, enfin je soulève un sourcil) emballé par des annonces nintendo depuis la gamecube.

    Par contre le metroid sur 3ds est particulièrement dégueulasse:

  • Entre Mario mexicano et Zelda fishing simulator, je serais bien tenté par la souitche moi z’aussi.

  • A côté de ça, j’ai un backlog profond comme le trou dans le dos de Georges sur steam.

  • Ten fay pas, les soldes Steam commencent demain, tu pourras encore l’agrandir.

    Contrairement à CTB.


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